The Simple and Happy Life

happy-life-300x300It is really nice to walk outside on a summer night. The windows of some houses are still open. I could hear a baby crying and in one window, I saw someone cooking supper. Most of the homes are watching the funny nighttime sitcom. In one terrace I also saw a young girl learning the violin. Now I am living my dream of having my own family and living in a neigbhourhood like this and have a freelance medical writing job.

  • Happiness – It is my dream to live a simple and peaceful life while having a freelance medical writing job that can provide me and my family with our needs and a few wants. When I reached home, I got my map and looked at where I have been during the year. My job also enables me to travel to other parts of the world for conventions and events related to projects even though I do transactions regarding them through the internet. I have gone to five trips this year. I love to travel but I love going home and being home.

  • Simplicity – I want my life to be like anybody else’s, simple but happy life. working in a freelance medical writing job has enabled me to do so. I do not have ambitions to be a millionaire, I just want to be able to do what I love and I love the simple and fulfilled life. My income in this job of mine is more than enough for my simple lifestyle. I am able to save a good amount for my children’s future education. I have experienced working in companies as an employee. However, I have been happiest as a freelance writer. I am glad I was able to explore freelance writing jobs.


Helping Yourself, Your Clients and Readers

Guide-to-Finding-Jobs-as-a-Freelance-Technical-Writer-580x393In a freelance technical writing job, you will be your own manager. One important thing to manage is the research you will do. It will involve documents and other literature which are very voluminous. You will need to properly choose which portions you will read. Further, even if you have identified the parts which you should read, they will still sum up into a large reading task. Thus, you must manage and organise it.

For materials in your freelance technical writing job which are heavy to read and their big sum, you will have to break them down so that they will not knock you down. Make them and their reading retrievable and organised. Manage them so that they will be able to give you entry points which are helpful. Organise them in a manner that they can facilitate navigation and search. Prepare an index of them. Make a mind map which is an outline or chart which will help you know where you are regarding the topic. Take down notes of which will lead you to similar and relevant information. You will use all these in your writing. What you provide yourself in your research is also what you will use in your writing.

The style you will use in your freelance technical writing job should be correct as far as writing conventions are concerned. It is a given that your writing output must be free of errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation. To help you with this, you can use template writing designs and, of course, style guidelines. Your orientation and goal is to focus on helping readers get their job done. As a technical writer, you will be writing about products and processes. Your readers read your work to help them use the products and processes.