We all want to drive a fancy car on long rides. We even wish we can do it every day or any day we want, for that matter. I can. With the medical writing jobs I do, I am able to have a drive by any time I want, every day, the whole day if I want to.

In doing medical writing jobs, I can have a cruise when I want to. In fact, I have some to help me do my work. In other words, it is an aid for me in my job. I love driving on a cruise with music from my car audio. The drive and the sounds are my driving force in my work. In my work, my dashboard is the keyboard, my windshield is the monitor screen, I change gear with the mouse and I accelerate using the songs in the internet.

With my medical writing jobs, I am able to engage in whatever kind of ride I want. I go on smooth and slow cruises, fast and head banging drives or the office-like commute. I usually want to start fast with rock or hiphop music, then I go slow with jazz and rhythm and blues and go on a controlled cruise with adult contemporary ballads.

The music I play in my computer, either desk top or laptop, helps me to start the windmills of my mind. They are a driving force for my brain to churn out ideas and messages that I will incorporate with the information I got from the research arm of the companies and individuals I am writing for. I may not be a driver everyday; but I get to engage in cruises when I write. I need the driving force of music to give me an unlimited mileage of ideas for my years long writing career.