“Do not trust anybody.” This is what the man who contracted Indiana Jones said to him the last time they talked before the latter went on what could be called “The Last Crusade.” Later in the movie, it turned out that he is the same man who will double-cross Indy for the right to drink from the Holy Grail, a cup which is the object of the archeological expedition.


Drinking from the cup will give you eternal youth and life, it is said. The man reiterated the line to Indiana to mean like saying, “See what I told you.” In my freelance academic writing job, I should work with people I can trust.


“You should have listened to your father.” Another line which, when analysed deeply, talks about trust. With my freelance academic writing job, I should listen to my father because he is also a writer. This is what the woman who was supposed to be an ally of Indiana but later revealed to be a conspirator of the man earlier mentioned said to the protagonist of the film. She said this to him when his father told him to let the Nazi police have the woman hostage and not give in to the demands. When Indiana turned in what was demanded, the police let go of the woman but this person in hostage is actually the one who really wanted to get demanded item. The hostage taker and the hostage were conspirators.


At first glance the line mentioned speaks about taking heed of parental, specifically, paternal advice. But if we dig deeper, we can say that it is about acknowledging the seniority of fathers over sons. Even grown up offsprings with all the maturity and knowledge can still need the words of their fathers. Even though my freelance academic writing job is different from my father’s fiction niche, I should listen to my father still.


“I wrote those things on my diary so that I will not need to memorise them.” Lastly, this could be my most favourite in this movie. Indiana Jones was mad at his father for not remembering some contents of the latter’s diary. So this is what the latter answered. No need to expound. Besides, I still have many academic writing jobs to do.