An academic writing job involves writing, among others, the academic paper. You will write this addressed primarily to other researchers. It will be published only after your peers and academic referees in the discipline scrutinize it. Actually, this is just a step in the very big academic writing pyramid of writing forms. However, this is an essential step. In this step, your work will pass through the gatekeepers of quality, the academic referees. They will be the one who will accredit your writing paper.

The academic paper you write in your academic writing job will be given purely theoretical interest by other researchers. However, it will not lead to a professional paper. But then again, your work will send a message for policy-makers or practitioners. Thus, you will write a professional report of the research work for the policy-makers and practitioners. The professional report has distinguishing characteristics from that of an academic paper.

The professional report is your venue to write professional discourse in your academic writing job. In the discourse, your topic is the policy or practice in question. The question arising regarding how policy-makers or practitioners know about the existence of the research work is addressed by the news report you write about it. The news report is the peak of the academic and research writing pyramid. It is also addressed in the educational newspaper or email circular that will attract the attention to the professional report.

As the writer, you will facilitate the passage of the research work into the public domain. For the academic paper level, your work moves into the public domain as an article in a learned journal. To achieve this, your work will pass through academic referees for decision-making. This is where your work will be given peer scrutiny.