happy-life-300x300It is really nice to walk outside on a summer night. The windows of some houses are still open. I could hear a baby crying and in one window, I saw someone cooking supper. Most of the homes are watching the funny nighttime sitcom. In one terrace I also saw a young girl learning the violin. Now I am living my dream of having my own family and living in a neigbhourhood like this and have a freelance medical writing job.

  • Happiness – It is my dream to live a simple and peaceful life while having a freelance medical writing job that can provide me and my family with our needs and a few wants. When I reached home, I got my map and looked at where I have been during the year. My job also enables me to travel to other parts of the world for conventions and events related to projects even though I do transactions regarding them through the internet. I have gone to five trips this year. I love to travel but I love going home and being home.

  • Simplicity – I want my life to be like anybody else’s, simple but happy life. working in a freelance medical writing job has enabled me to do so. I do not have ambitions to be a millionaire, I just want to be able to do what I love and I love the simple and fulfilled life. My income in this job of mine is more than enough for my simple lifestyle. I am able to save a good amount for my children’s future education. I have experienced working in companies as an employee. However, I have been happiest as a freelance writer. I am glad I was able to explore freelance writing jobs.