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The Simple and Happy Life

happy-life-300x300It is really nice to walk outside on a summer night. The windows of some houses are still open. I could hear a baby crying and in one window, I saw someone cooking supper. Most of the homes are watching the funny nighttime sitcom. In one terrace I also saw a young girl learning the violin. Now I am living my dream of having my own family and living in a neigbhourhood like this and have a freelance medical writing job.

  • Happiness – It is my dream to live a simple and peaceful life while having a freelance medical writing job that can provide me and my family with our needs and a few wants. When I reached home, I got my map and looked at where I have been during the year. My job also enables me to travel to other parts of the world for conventions and events related to projects even though I do transactions regarding them through the internet. I have gone to five trips this year. I love to travel but I love going home and being home.

  • Simplicity – I want my life to be like anybody else’s, simple but happy life. working in a freelance medical writing job has enabled me to do so. I do not have ambitions to be a millionaire, I just want to be able to do what I love and I love the simple and fulfilled life. My income in this job of mine is more than enough for my simple lifestyle. I am able to save a good amount for my children’s future education. I have experienced working in companies as an employee. However, I have been happiest as a freelance writer. I am glad I was able to explore freelance writing jobs.


Three Things I Can’t Leave Without

My Sundays and Saturdays are my free days. Even with the freedom, I choose to do my freelance medical writing jobs online from Monday to Friday. During the weekend, I can do anything and go anywhere. What I usually do is go anywhere. This means I leave the house at least twice to up to four times during the weekend. There are things which, without them, I do not or could not leave the house.


  1. Keys – First is my set of keys. I must not leave without them because, without them, I could not go inside the house when I return. Also, I cannot go outside the house without them because my front door has a double lock. It cannot be locked without its key. This double lock is so helpful because it aids me in not failing to bring my keys which include the key to my personal workroom for my freelance medical writing job which is located in my sister’s big house nearby.


  1. Money – I have no car or any form of transportation. I can afford to acquire one with the compensation I get from my freelance medical writing job. However, it is just that I am not interested in it. I need money for taxi fare and food, at least. There are activities I do and places I go to which do not require expenses. I just need cash to go there and do them.

  1. Cellphone or Watch – Actually, it is the watch. I need to know what time it is every now and then; in other words, after a few minutes or hours. Each of us does. When I go outside to a nearby neighbourhood diner to eat a meal, I usually bring my watch. This is especially because the proximity of the destination allows me to wear just the clothes I am wearing in the house. they are the clothes I wear when I do my freelance writing work at my personal workroom. I do not want to bring my cellphone because it is a bit bulky for the pants I wear at home. For farther venues, I bring my cellphone.