I took the liberty of finishing my tasks in my legal writing job late at night yesterday. It was already midnight when I left the office of my client. I can work at any time of the day or night in their office because they have a security guard round the clock. As usual, I took a taxi cab because I do not have a car or a motorcycle as I am not keen on having any.

The freedom and flexibility of time in my legal writing job is one that I really appreciate. I can choose to go to my clients’ offices anytime I like except when they really need me. If I work late, I can also enjoy a late night ride. Going home late is a different experience. It is really a different world. I feel like I am a young bum again. Those were the times when I had no care in the world. Specifically that was the time between the point when I finished studies and the one when I actually got accepted in my first job.

I am very thankful that I have a legal writing job now but I do not deny myself the time to be like a bum and stay out late at night. One instance when I can do this is when I go home after a long night of work in a client’s office. Riding a cab, I am able to see and experience the quiet but still alive city at late night. I can think of what I really love in life because there are no many people who can disturb my thinking. Having the freedom and flexibility to deviate from a routine is one of the advantages I like in working in freelance writing jobs.